I am currently a PhD Candidate in Technology and Social Behavior Program at Northwestern University. I am interested in building tools to support collaboration and coordination in remote work. Specifically, my research focuses on designing visual representations of gaze awareness to support effective collaboration between teachers and students in distance learning scenarios. I work with Darren Gergle in the CollabLab and Mike Horn in the TIDAL Lab. My research is supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

I received my undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of California, San Diego.

email: sdangelo (at)

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Current Projects

Understanding Gaze in Remote Collaborative Work

In this project we manipulate the degree of collocation and the availability of gaze features to understand how gaze can influence remote collaborative work. We use a graphical representation of gaze to provide information about what the partner is looking at with while pairs work together on a puzzle building task.

Eyetracking in MOOCs

We evaluate different modalities for visual augmentations of the teacher’s explicit deictic gestures on a MOOC video lecture. We compared three visualizations: 1) hand gestures with a pointer, 2) gaze overlay, and 3) no-augmentation baseline. Our results suggest that sharing a teacher’s gaze information for visually complex video lectures may help remote students engage with content and improve performance.

Shared Gaze Awareness for Remote Pair Programming

We designed a novel gaze visualization for remote pair programmers which shows where in the code their partner is looking and changes color when they look at the same thing. The results of our experiment suggest that with the visualization, pairs spent a greater proportion of their time looking at the same code locations and communicated using a larger ratio of implicit to explicit references.

Past Projects

Fishing with Friends

Fishing with Friends, is a multiplayer game in which players compete to earn money by catching fish. As the game progresses, overzealous fishing results in damage to a simulated ocean ecosystem. Our goal is to encourage players to reflect on the long-term damage caused by overfishing and discuss strategies to preserve shared ocean resources. Watch Video or Download App

Publications and Posters | CV

Conference Publications

D'Angelo, S. and Begel, A. Improving Communication Between Pair Programmers Using Shared Gaze Awareness. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2017

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Piper, A.M., D’Angelo, S., and Hollan, J. Going Digital: Understanding Paper and Photo Documentation Practices in Early Childhood Education. Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer- Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) 2013

Posters and Demos

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